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Good song.

I liked the beginning very much! I can't ever automate like that even though I know that it's not very complicated automation. I liked the way the filter cutoff for the pulse wave was changing. The filters and chord progression created a strange atmosphere that I can't describe very well.

When the detuned synth came in at 2:17, it didn't fit well with the rest of the song. I think it could be made less harsh (low-pass filter, for example.)

I like the piano at 3:40. Good reverb effect.

Overall, it's a good song. The title fits very well. However, I noticed that there were fluctuations in the volume of the hi-hats, and that everything became quieter when the kick drum sounded. I'm afraid your song is a victim of the "Loudness War"-search this on Google. You're using compressors/limiters to bring the whole song to the peak amplitude, which means that there is no dynamic range whatsoever. I confirmed this by looking at the waveform of the song. This compression ruins the quality of the song. I would suggest reuploading the song uncompressed, so that quality isn't sacrificed for volume. Listeners can simply turn the volume up, right?

I hope my review was helpful.

Good attempt

I serached for the song, "Sunset" out of curiosity because I have a song called Sunset. I was about to say "Try using VST instruments" and "add some reverb and delay" but then I checked out some of your other songs and saw that you've gotten more advanced.

Very good song

The beginning is epic. :O The parts from 1:00-1:49 and 2:39-3:14 work perfectly well. As long as they don't go on for too long, they fit in the song well. The melody is nice, and I love the effects, and the way you use the beats. I like the part at 3:50 when there are multiple notes playing in the melody. I think you could still improve by having a few more layers.

Hellstick responds:

What a nice review - thanks alot:)
Im glad someone finally likes the melody from 1:00-1:49 and so on. That means it wasnt just me having a weird taste... or something like that:P
Anyway, I agree that i need to add more stuff - although I generally feel like the effects the problem. I guess i could try and add more layers though. It's def worth trying so ill make sure to take it into concideration in my next track:)
Thanks alot for the review!

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Looks professional

Yeah, I understand how this takes so much time. I've done a lot with paint, too, so I know just how long things take. And none of my stuff comes even close to matching yours.

Trance is my favorite music. I will be submitting mostly music here.

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